About Bitcoin-express

Ricky Rand. Project Leader (email)

Ricky is a technology visionary with over 30 years experience in the computer industry. Ricky started his working life with Acorn Computers in Cambridge UK and went on to found his first company (AFE Computer Services), together with Martin Riley in Hong Kong in 1985. Ricky went on to found FutureTV Inc. in 1995 and was able to raise substantial funding for this company from the private equity market in 1999. In 2003 Ricky began work on a process to eliminate e-mail spam including a method to cost effectively facilitate small valued transactions on the Internet. In 2005 Ricky teamed up once more with Martin Riley and Mr Paul Fan in Hong Kong to establish RMP Protection Ltd., a company dedicated to commercialising the Patent which resulted from Ricky's earlier work and to apply the ideas to micropayments. Over the past couple of years Ricky has been dedicated to combining micropayment and cryptocurrencies as a decentralised service.

Jose Martinez. UI lead developer

Jose is a software engineer who for the last seven years has worked in international start-ups around the world. As a technology enthusiast, Jose has attended programs like Recurse Center in New York City and he is passionate about how Blockchain evolved into the technology that will transform many industries and our daily lives.

Paul Clark. Technology consultant

Paul is a software and systems architect with over 30 years experience in high-performance real-time and distributed systems. Paul was formerly CTO of Ricky's interactive TV company FutureTV, and has held a number of other senior technology roles. Paul was the main designer and developer of the original micropayments system which powered the Carrot service and also turns his hand to marketing communications. Paul lives in Cornwall, UK, where he also continues to work within the video-on-demand and interactive media market.

Martin Riley. Financial consultant

Martin is a Chartered Accountant who is currently based in Champery in Switzerland. Martin has over 30 years experience in Management and Financial positions in the technology industry, having worked for Acorn Computers (Far East) Ltd in Hong Kong and then as a partner with Ricky in AFE Computer Services Ltd, a leading financial information provider based in Hong Kong. On the sale of AFE Computer Services Ltd to Reuters, Martin moved to Switzerland from where he manages his family interests and where he was a founding member of the Valais Business Angels Club.